W+P Products' 5566 and 5577 series have a low pitch of 0.5 and 1.0mm and a low design height of 1.2 and 2.0mm, respectively. These connectors also feature a locking option in the rear area. A special folding mechanism, similar to a piano cover, simplifies handling and saves space on the PCB, in contrast to a front locking mechanism. As a complement to this, W+P offers a corresponding flexible cable in its 599 series. These are available featuring pitches of 0.5mm to 2.54mm, and variable cable lengths, connection types, types, and customer-specific designs complete the portfolio. Naturally, these are also suitable for contacting flexible PCBs. The SMT ZIF connectors are equipped with double-sided contacting as a horizontal version, which increases their flexibility when used on PCBs. Available featuring 4 to 40 or 6 to 60 contacts, they are designed for currents up to 0.5 A per contact.

Contact material consists of a gold plated copper alloy with nickel barrier layer. Halogen-free, high-temperature resistant plastic is deliverable as an insulating material according to UL94 V-0. The operating temperature ranges from -40 to +85°C (series 5566) and from -25 to +85°C (series 5577). Both series are distributed in tape & reel packages suitable for automated assembly.

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