A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine runs on a computer program; it can either be for prototyping or in full item production. Aluminum is the commonly machined material, as it exhibits excellent machinability, and is thus the preferred material in the most manufacturing sector.

Aluminum as a material offers some interesting thermal and mechanical properties. Besides, the aluminum metal is relatively easy to shape, especially in drilling processes, like in CNC aluminum machining. In fact, we highly regard an aluminum alloy compared to other lightweight metals such as magnesium and titanium alloys.

The use of CNC aluminum has grown immensely, the production of CNC automotive parts and other CNC parts that are lightweight has been intense. Below are a few of the things you may not have known.

Aluminum is soft, lightweight, tractable, malleable, and durable metal. Its appearance is silver or dull grey and depends on the roughness of the surface. It lacks magnetic properties and its non-flammable. The aluminum metal melts at 640 degrees, and it’s light with a density of 2.68. It is a good conductor of electricity though not of the same standard as copper on specific cross-section area and is widely used in CNC automotive like ATV, Aerospace and medical industries.

The ultimate choice of the type of aluminum grade you intend to use depends on your machining projects, which allow you to rank each grade according to its characteristic, from the most important to the least. By doing so, you get to choose the aluminum of specific properties and shape as per your needs.

Aluminum machined prototype are commonly produced according to a variety of alloys. The most used alloy is the 6061-T6, this caters for electronics, transportation, aerospace, military industries among others.

Aluminum alloys are low in density but high in strength. Often CNC aluminum prototype machining has the vast tolerance to control even 0.01MM. The CNC machine can manufacture unique and quality aluminum prototypes. CNC milling is just the perfect choice, the advantages are in the machining process, and that is the high precision and milling aluminum.

The technology of CNC machined aluminum has produced CNC parts and components that aid in a wide range of services (Turning, milling and grinding). Today, well machined CNC aluminum parts are growing in popularity in the engineering sector.

Aluminum is an essential industrial material, but it has a major undoing. The alloys contain relatively low hardness and their thermal expansion are high, can deform when being machined into a thin part. However, several steps can be taken to avoid the deformation of the material beforehand.

It’s essential to avoid extreme concentration of heat but rather to create a dissipation of heat to reduce the rate of thermal deformation.

If you have several cavities on some aluminum alloy plate, you can easily twist one cavity wall because of the force distribution.  To avoid such an occurrence, you should process all cavities in the same period.

The significant influence on the cutting parameter is the amount of cutting back depth. To maintain efficiency and reduce the number of cutting. A CNC milling can settle the problem, by increasing the speed of the machine and reducing the cutting force.

When the milling cutter is applied to cavity and parts, the cutting is sufficient. The leads to cutting heat, expansion, and deformation. The best way of avoiding this problem is pre-drilling with a bigger tool than the milling cutter and then put the milling cutter and mill.

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On the 5-axis machining, the CNC moves while cutting in five angles of the axes simultaneously. This machining process is fast, reliable on designing complex parts, as work is approached in multiple directions.

As we conclude, you are now aware of the various CNC machined aluminum process (milling, drilling, and turning) that unfinished piece of aluminum is taken through until it becomes a complete product. It’s an arduous process that requires experience, accuracy, and powerful machinery. Moreover, these are because of the different aluminum alloy used.

The benefits of aluminum are obvious: fantastic cutting process, the best quality and the demand for a machined aluminum product is on the rise. Industries are snowballing with many specialists to meet your needs, remember to do your research and seek samples to be sure on the quality of the CNC aluminum.

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