Cooking can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive: but one way to avoid shedding tears over the stove is by keeping your kitchen spaces neat. Especially your fridge — are jars of mayonnaise stacked on top of each other, competing with bags of produce stuffed in the corner? Is it impossible to squeeze in a carton of juice because a pan is in the way?

Don't fret: Organization is pretty much like playing a game of Tetris made much easier by the right tools and products. This list of innovative organizers will help transform your fridge and freezer into a more relaxing sight for easier, stress-free cooking.

Maximize storage space by keeping food on top of and below your refrigerator shelves. These removable drawers simply clip right on — and they come in all sorts of fun colors, to boot.

Why should your beer stash take up valuable door space? Simply peel back and stick these magnetics to the roof of your fridge for "floating" beer. One set hangs six bottles.

Using labels helps you easily identify where everything is and makes it easier to keep an item in its place. These labels come in a delicate font on clear adhesive. They also have labels for the pantry, bath, and kids' storage!

Say bye to Greek yogurt towers that constantly topple over: this designated holder keeps them out of the way, in sight, and holds four cups. Installation is easy: Remove the backing from the two pieces of double stick tape and mount the yogurt organizer anywhere in your fridge.  

Short on cabinet space? This mountable shelf gives you direct access to cooking spices and mixes that you use most often, right on the side of your fridge. It features a simple design that can't clash with any decor.

Not only does this capsule keep your produce tucked out of the way and safe from getting crushed or broken, it also triples the lifespan of your fresh herbs.

Stow up to nine cans of bubbly with this perfectly-sized can holder. This bucket is translucent, so it's easy to see how many cans are left, and the removable top tray adds even more storage space.

Store insulin or other refrigerated medicines locked away so they're stored safely away from kids and away from food. The box is pre-drilled for easy mounting.

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Plastic baggies are amazing space-savers themselves, especially when it comes to meal prep, but it's no fun trying to sort through multiple bags each time. This hanger rack can store up to 11 baggies at a maximum of 22 pounds. Plus, the bags are secured under a flat tray, which adds even more storage! 

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