The E2 is the starting point of a new line of printers Raise3D will be offering. It is designed to both handle the needs of major industries, while still being easy to use, the company says.

Raise3D is set to release the E2, its latest 3D printer, a multi-purpose, industrial-grade machine, at TCT Show in Birmingham.

The 3D printer manufacturer, which has headquarters in California, Rotterdam and Shanghai, already has already had success with its previous machines, including the Pro 2 Plus, which All3DP praised as the Best Large Format 3D Printer of Summer 2019.

This latest machine is relatively smaller, sporting a print volume of 330 x 240 x 240 mm, and uses an Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) system, which allows both print heads to operate independently of one another (ideal for multi-material printing for more complex parts or printing two objects at once).

The machine also comes with the company’s print management ecosystem RaiseCloud, RaiseFactory, a desktop-based solution for manufacturers, the Open Filament Program.

The E2 is the first machine in a new line of 3D printers Raise 3D is developing which are tailored to specific materials, applications and industries and it will begin shipping the machines out in November. The company expects to grow their portfolio “substantially” by the end of 2020.

Though the E2 is an industrial-grade printer, it attempts to be user-friendly while still powerful. Among the E2’s other features are auto bed leveling, automatically pausing when the door is opened, a power-saving option, a flexible build plate to make popping prints off easy and an industrial video-assisted offset calibration guide.

“There is always a fine balance between usability and performance,” noted Edward Feng, Raise3D’s global CEO, in a press release. “At Raise3D we want our 3D printers to be as inclusive as possible, operated by engineers, technical experts, and large manufacturing enterprises, while at the same time providing access to easy to use 3D technologies that support education, entrepreneurial ventures, and desktop engineering.”

In Europe, the E2 will be available exclusively for the education sector for a reduced price of 2,499€ + VAT.

“Having a competitive product for education is always an important contribution to long-term success,” said Diogo Quental in the press release, adding that while the Pro2 series is popular in manufacturing, it doesn’t quite fit the needs in the education sector, given its larger size, for example.

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“With E2, we can be competitive also in this strategic sector, while at the same time improving our preparation for the future.”

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