Tweens girls are often thought to be the hardest demographic to shop for, because they are not quite a little kid anymore, and not exactly a teenager yet either. This year's Toy Fair 2020 was the perfect place to scout out really fun items for the tween crowd.

Many companies have found an exciting way to maximize on the tween girls' needs to express their creativity, individuality, and playfulness. While there were way too many amazing tween products to choose from, below are a few of our favorites.

Klutz Make Your Own Tiny Camper is the perfect arts and crafts kit for creative girls ages 8 and up. It retails for 21.99.

Klutz Maker Lab: Candy Science is great for lovers of science, sweets, and tweens who love to build. It retails for 24.99.

We Cool Glitzing Squishy Like Slime is perfect for those who find the texture of slime satisfying, and who love a little extra glitz and glamor to accompany their slime time. More details about this product can be found here.

Craft City's make Your Own Slime Art is perfect for those who love both slime and art. It's perfect for ages 8 and up, and retails for 19.99. More details about this product can be found here.

Inflatable Watermelon Tote Bag is so hip, fresh, unique and so perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons. The bold pop of pink and green is perfect for the little fashionistas in your life. It's perfect for ages 10 & up. More details about this fun and fashionable tote can be found here.

Rainbow Overnight Tote Bag is very fashionable, pretty and really just allows for your tween to show her unique fashion sense. With it's fun shades of pink, orange, yellow, turquoise, and sky blue-your girl is sure to stand out.More details about this lovely tote can be found here.

Rainbow & Stars Mini Back Pack is bright and shiny for all the special superstar in your life. It's great for ages 8 and up. It retails at 36.00, and is due out in May. Learn more about this product here.

Beach Straw Bag

The Pink Chevron Backpack is classic with a nice, pastel shade of pink. It's the perfect fit and style for older tweens. It retails at 73.00. Learn more about this product here.

The Alex Spa Sweet Suds are the perfect self-care item for your tween. The are beautiful to look at and very unique. It's actually a bath product with a twist! Each rose bud has petals designs to be peeled away and place in the bath or shower. Each petal contains suds that will make your bath and shower routine pretty sweet.

The Alex Spa Hair Highlighters are perfect for tween. They allow for your tween to add a pop of color to their hair without having to worry about a huge mess. Your girl will love this quick and easy way to add a bit of flair to her hair! Learn more about the Alex Spa Brands here.

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