Time to dip in to the jersey draw and journey to the blanket shelf. Merino, mohair, possum, Cashmere, lambswool; I don’t care if it’s hair or wool, the kind of ingredients you find in a fancy, hand-knitted wool jumper are worth their weight in gold.

Less-expensive fibres can also make their way in to knitwear – and in small amounts they enhance a knit – but it depends what is used and why.

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Lately, I’ve been working on developing socks and I’ve found it’s important to have both elasticity and durability on your feet. A little amount of nylon in the mix will add this. But when it comes to your head – a low-friction area – it should be all about warmth and comfort. 

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I’ve never developed skills on knitting needles and I find my knitter friends have dancecards full of babies. So, I buy my knits.

Local is good; soft jerseys, wool hats and snuggly scarves are the kind of thing I wear every day in winter. I have a couple of nice jerseys on high-rotate and several warm, colourful scarves.

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